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The best office suite for your 4K screen


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SSuite OmegaOffice HD+ is an office suite that includes everything you need for work-related tasks, but with one small difference: the interfaces in these applications have been adapted to make the most out of HD monitors.

This suite compiles a ton of tools that you can use simply by opening them from the main launcher. SSuite OmegaOffice HD+ includes everything you could need for work-related tasks, including a classic text processor, email manager, agenda, and even a little Tetris game to play whenever you need to relax. Thanks to its impressive range of tools, you won't need to install any other applications once you have this one.

Create complicated spread sheets, have video calls with any user, or take advantage of its built-in file manager, which you can use to share files between SSuite OmegaOffice HD+ users on the same local network. You get all of this and more, in amazing high definition ... and completely free of charge!

Save space and time with SSuite OmegaOffice HD+, the ultimate office suite.

Android 4.0.3 required

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